So many facets and layers embody all Mauritian souls.
In one same physical body, they thrive;
they are past and present, history and future, east and west, plain and complex.
They all have something to say.
But are silenced, by unconscious biases or conscious environments.
Toudim* is a character which encompasses all the above.
He has been with me since the beginning, walking me though the different phases of exploration of my art;
helping to build up my identity and providing utter comprehension of my inner self.
Toudim has no definite form, and evolves in vibrant worlds of colors, lines, forms;
he tries to find balance in a world of chaos, and often positions Itself as an observer, sarcastic or amused at what he sees.
Sometimes the world evolves without him; in other times, he is part of the world around.
I found through him my own way of saying what I have to say.

* Tou Dimounn, Tout le monde, Everyone